Supported projects

OP supports the Charity « NOTRE ABRI » (« Our Shelter »)

"NOTRE ABRI" (“Our Shelter”) hosts and temporarily accommodates 64 very young children whose families may be facing a major crisis and who may no longer be able to ensure the child’s safety or provide for their basic needs.

Children are put into the care of "NOTRE ABRI" by a placement authority (Youth Court, Counselor for Youth Aid, Social Services (CPAS)) or by the parents themselves. The children are generally a few day s or a few months old; in most cases they are less than three years old. The objective of the charity is to reconnect the child with his/her family, to develop and even restore the opportunities that the child might have lost, to help overcome the family crisis and to prepare the youngster to leave the shelter with a promising solution.

"NOTRE ABRI" provides a 24/7-service, 365 days a year.

OP supports the Charity « FISTUL-AID »

Many African women give birth under difficult circumstance due to lack of appropriate infrastructure and medical care. Sometimes, they can be in labour for up to 8 days The baby can then be stillborn and the mother - if she survives - then suffers from "fistulas". A fistula is an abnormal connection between two hollow spaces (e.g. the bladder and the vagina and/or the rectum and the vagina). Suffering from total incontinence, they emit a nauseating odour and are rejected by everyone. Only surgery can heal them. Due to lack of financial means, they either do not consult or do it often too late, which reduces their chances of recovery.

“FISTUL-AID” raises funds to make medical treatment and accommodation accessible for free. It has provided surgical training to Congolese and Belgian doctors and nurses. At the heart of the St. Joseph Clinic in Kinshasa, "Fistula Care" specialises in these fistula repairs. Near St. Joseph Hospital, the shelter "Rose of Jericho" hosts and finances the patients during their recovery

OP supports the Charity « LES 3H TROTTINETTES »

"LES 3H TROTTINETTES" (“The 3 hours of Scooter”) (or 3HT) is a charity whose initial aim is to offer an activity to the youngest within youth groups (generally 5-8 years) that takes place every year, the same weekend as the 24 hours biking at Bois de la Cambre and the 5 hours Bi-cross.

The primary goal is to offer youngsters their own relay race 'like the big guys'. The event allows the participants to move freely on the specially marked lanes which are supervised by security teams.

All 3HT members and organisers are volunteers who invest a lot of energy to make each event a success.

OP supports the « LANGEVELD » hockey club

The « Langeveld » hockey club (subsidiary of the Royal Leopold Club) was created in 1985. The purpose was to give young players the opportunity to play in the national division, whilst places are limited at the Royal Leopold Club.

Club ethics go beyond basic sporting aspirations. Each player adheres to a membership chart that commits the player to certain values such as respect for team-players, staff, opponents, referees, and fans, as well as to enjoy and uphold the atmosphere within the club.

Through the game of hockey, human values will be essential to carry out the projects of each « Langeveld » team for the general atmosphere as well as during and after the games.