Since 1 June 2018, the OP offers for sale three new lease agreement templates destined for
the Brussels-Capital region
. The classic residential lease agreement, the THE OP LEASE AGREEMENT HAS A MAKEOVER” and the house-sharing agreement are drafted in both French and Dutch
and are available in libraries and on OP’s website. Following the regionalisation of
residential lease agreements, the OP now offers landlords as well as tenants absolute clarity
and legal security.

The OP lease agreement, which has been available since the 1970s, has since become a
benchmark in Belgium. However, it was time for a makeover, now that the sixth State
Reform has delegated the authority for regulating the rental of residential properties to the
different regions of the country.

In the Brussels-Capital region, the order aimed at regionalising residential lease agreements
came into force on 1 January 2018. The OP has responded to the new rules by offering for
sale three new lease agreement templates, instead of one multiple choice template: a
classic residential lease agreement, a lease “for student accommodation” and a house-
sharing agreement.

“This way, we can offer landlords as well as tenants absolute clarity and legal security,”
Guillaume Pinte, CEO of the OP group, comments. “They can select the type of contract that
corresponds to the actual situation of the lessees: residents, students or house-mates. One
single lease agreement template would have forced them to strike out lots of options on the
document, which increases the risk of confusion or error.”

The OP’s three new lease agreements take into account all legal provisions of the Brussels-
Capital region and are the result of a permanent and assiduous legal watch, in conjunction
with a law firm specialised in real estate law.

Prices: € 15 for the classic residential lease agreement and the student lease agreement,
€20 for the house-sharing agreement, which also includes a “house-sharing pact” between
the lessees and an “agreement for the replacement of house-mates”, in the case of a
change of house-mates. 

Founded in 1875, the OP Group is one of the key players In Belgian real estate services. It is
the uncontested number one in asset management and among the Belgian market leaders
in property management. In cities such as Brussels and Ghent, the OP Group is also one of
the main players in the sale and rental of houses and apartments.