About us

The Dewies family founded the Office des Propriétaires (OP) in 1875, it’s now one of the most established and important real estate groups in Belgium. Today, it is managed by Guillaume Pinte, who bought it in 2015. The group has offices in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp.

In its 150 year existence, the OP has developed its expertise in real estate services, while remaining true to the principle that has underpinned its founding pillar: No, to short-sighted mercantilism! Its goal has always been to establish lasting partnerships with players across the real estate industry: owners, investors, developers, builders, etc. 

The OP team is made up of 118 members, with a range of specialised skills and competencies. Their work revolves around three main areas of expertise: private management, the trustee, the rental and sale of real estate. 

In 2017, the OP group acquired part of the real estate departments of the Optima group for the private management of the property portfolio and the property trustee services which expanded its influence in Flanders. 

Managing a portfolio of 6,000 apartments, the OP is now a leader in private management in Belgium. It is also one of the country's main players in the real estate industry with a total of 11,000 lots (apartments, houses, offices, shops). In addition, the OP rented more than 600 apartments in 2019.